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Digit-LS Demonstration video
A demonstration video showing the Digit-LS USB interface in action is now available on our website. Watch this video to get an idea of how you can control electronics from your PC using the Digit-LS. You can find the video on the Digit-LS product page.
Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 April 2010 15:57
Sofrides IO: The Interface Company

Where electronics meet computers, whether embedded or PC platforms, here is where you will find solutions created by Sofrides IO. We are specialised in designing electronic interfaces and the software needed to control them.



USB interfaces and add-ons perfectly suitable to monitor and control electronic components from your PC. Our Digit-LS interface allows you to define multiple USB endpoints for individual components you want to connect. You can develop and run embedded software on the device to divide the load between the Digit-LS and your computer to create easy solutions for real-time applications.


Are you developing products that need complex control? Do you want to connect your product to the outside world by connecting it to a PC? We can help! We offer consultancy that covers all stages of the development process, from initial scoping and component selection to the development of all interfaces and control software you need for your final product.


Development Blog
One of our developers just started a blog about the proceedings of everything related to the Digit-LS IO interface. Nicknamed "The Insider" he will give you weekly updates on what we have been working on lately, also giving you a sneak preview of what is coming up. You can find his musings here.
Last Updated on Saturday, 14 March 2009 21:01
Sofrides IO: Interfacing your PC

Sofrides IO is a Dutch engineering company with extensive knowledge on designing and building hardware interfaces for PC platforms.

We are specialized in designing custom USB interfaces that can be used to connect your electronic designs to a PC. We have expertise on designing the connection to your equipment, developing drivers needed to connect to the target OS and building the PC software your end users will use to control the interface. We offer our services for both migrating existing interfaces from legacy ports (such as serial and parallel ports) to USB connections and design of interfaces for newly designed equipment. We can also help you with making the right decisions even before you start your new design to make sure you take the maximum out of all the features the USB interface can offer you.

Our solutions can be applied in any situation where a connection from your equipment to a computer is needed, for instance controlling purposes, service access or monitoring applications. Because our hardware and drivers follow the exact standards that are applicable on the platforms they are implemented on, they will integrate perfectly in everything else that lives on that platform. Probably the most important example is the fact that our USB interfaces integrate seamlessly in Microsoft's .NET platform which effectively mean that you (or we) can develop user interface software using all the benefits of the .NET environment. 

Sofrides IO is a registered member of the Microsoft Partner Program and MSDN subscriber, giving us access to all Microsoft resources we need to bring you your optimal solution on a Windows-based computer.  




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