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The final prototype?

Last week we received new prototypes for both the Digit-LS device and the MODRC extension board. We were hoping these would be final,so that mass production can be started while we focus on finalizing the Digit-LS firmware (anything else is pretty much ready by now). Always a tense moment, since fixing errors in PCBs and having new ones made typically has a three week turnaround time. Which is quite a delay in our development cycle.

Well, the fresh boards were inspected visually first. Looks good... But hey, finally all the required labels made it onto the board. Yeah, that's COOL! This has been quite an issue for the Digit-LS PCB design where labels for components seem to disappear randomly in between prototypes. The MODRC board never had this problem, oddly enough.

But... Would they actually work? Well, the first one I got was a built up MODRC board and that is the easiest one to test. Within 5 minutes I could tell that it works 100%. One down, one to go...

The Digit-LS board is a bit trickier. It is quite easy to connect it and see if the PC recognizes it, but the real question is always if all the pins work correctly. This is fairly impossible to test manually. Well, of course you can test pin by pin if it works, but it is hard to test if setting a pin will cause an effect on any other pin (which it shouldn't). I wrote a test program for that a while ago and with that program and the board under test connected to a logic analyzer, you can see perfectly if all pins work as they should. And guess what... They did indeed! So over the next weeks, large production of Digit-LS devices will be carried out so they will be available to you soon!

It's been quite an effort to get this done and after this success we have downed a good few glasses of alcohol to celebrate it. So if you were wondering why my postings were a bit sparse lately, now you know :-)

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Last Updated on Friday, 05 June 2009 22:20
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