Sofrides IO was founded in januari 2007. The mission of the company was to develop a general purpose IO interface that could be controlled from a regular Windows or Linux based computer system through a USB connection. This development was based on initial research that started as early as May 2006 and a basic prototype communicating through USB that was operational by the end of 2006. In 2007, design specifications of a programmable version of this prototype were drawn up. In early 2008 a PCB design was created and tested. The rest of 2008 was all about implementing and testing the specifications in the devices' firmware. We are currently finalizing the feature implementation and testing the entire product.

In the mean time, Sofrides IO is designing a number of extensions to this device which will become available during the first half of 2009. Also consultancy services have recently become available which elevates Sofrides IO from a pure product company to a full service company.

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